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The University of Pennsylvania Intensive English Program (IP) combines high-quality curriculum with experienced instruction to help you achieve your academic, professional, or personal goals.

In the IP, you can focus on academic English, business English, or all-purpose English. Our courses will help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Every aspect of your Penn experience – from in-class discussions to out-of-class group projects, from living on a university campus to participating in planned cultural activities – will assist you in improving your English skills, developing confidence, and enhancing your understanding of US culture.

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Please refer to the price on the university website link by clicking here.

We advise and facilitate the application process, and do not charge students extra fees.
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United States




-Learn and experience a top Ivy League School while improving your English

-Train your leadership skills and professional development

-Gain knowledge and prepare for further study

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