Studying in Tokyo and Kyoto gives students the chance to learn from the ahead-of-the-curve knowledge of modern Japan, while taking the time to understand the long-standing culture and traditions that make it such a fascinating country.


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With the highest concentration of corporate offices and financial institutions in the country, Tokyo is at the forefront of innovation and technology. It is a major financial center on the world stage, containing the headquarters of many investment banks and insurance companies.

Japanese culture

Japan is a land of enchanting contrasts where ancient temples stand side-by-side with skyscrapers. Explore Tokyo and Kyoto and begin to understand the country’s unique architecture, art and design. Immerse yourself in Japan’s music and entertainment scene which is among the largest in the world.


Japanese cuisine has deep roots and yet it continues to push culinary boundaries. Try out a fast food ramen joint or fine dine in Tokyo, which has the most Michelin star restaurants of any city in the world. Head to a sushi bar to learn how to eat a delicacy that has been served for thousands of years.


Tokyo is one the top cities for higher education in Japan. It is home to the prestigious Tokyo University, which is highly ranked globally. Tokyo Institute of Technology and Waseda are among other esteemed universities in Tokyo.

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