The University of Rome is a world-class institution within a world famous city. Once the capital of the Roman Empire, its city centre is now a UNESCO heritage site. Rome offers learning imbued with discovery: walk its cobbled streets and uncover history, art and design around every corner.

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In Rome, the city is the classroom; a place where the modern runs alongside the past. You can live and breathe ancient history, architectural mastery and world-renowned art, while absorbing the rhythms of a modern European city within the European Union.


In Rome it is best to learn by experiencing. Embrace Italian culture: make art in an artist’s studio, attend an evening musical performance, wander through the city’s museums, or stop and marvel at Rome’s abundance of festival and holidays replete with eccentric traditions.


Italy is one country where eating is part of the learning process. Read quietly over an Italian espresso and biscotti in one of the city’s many cafes or meet with fellow students and sample crispy pizzas and freshly-made pasta. On a warm day, refresh the mind and stop at one of the many gelato stands.


Founded in 1303, the University of Rome is the oldest university in Italy and its most respected. Lectures are provided by the University of Rome and the Academy of Rome Architecture. Learning will not be confined to the classroom, but will take place on the city’s streets with visits to its many museums and such world famous sites as the Colosseum and the Vatican.

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