Welcome to Toronto, the most multiculturally diverse city on the planet: over 140 languages are spoken. It’s estimated that over half of Toronto’s residents were born outside Canada, and despite its complex makeup, Torontonians generally get along. When the weather is fine, Toronto is a blast: a vibrant, big-time city abuzz with activity. Some of the world’s finest restaurants are found here, alongside happening bars and clubs and eclectic festivals.

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The University of Toronto is the highest ranked university in Canada and one of the best in the world. Toronto prides itself on its progressive academic rigor: it was the birthplace of insulin, stem cell research and multi-touch technology. Its alumni include four Canadian prime ministers and five Nobel prize winners.


Toronto is the world’s most multicultural city, with half of its residents born outside of Canada. There is no better place to experience its diverse culture than Utoronto which reflects the city’s international outlook with a high percentage of students coming from abroad.

Campus life

With three campuses, Toronto offers an eclectic mix of activities with over 1,000 clubs and organizations to take part in. Join a club and meet other students with similar interests from arts to sports to social events.


Located along Lake Ontario in Canada, Toronto has the largest population of any city in Canada. It is an ever-evolving international city that is abuzz with fresh things to see and do from museums to galleries to cultural events. The Thompson Memorial Park offers a great place to escape to nature.

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