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Inspiration in Edinburgh, 2006-2017

In his third year at university, Allen went to Edinburgh as an exchange student. Inspired by “Harry Potter” and “Brave Heart,” Allen fell in love with Scotland and made international friends there. He also backpacked Europe for 2 months following his studies.  In 2007 summer, he went to Cambridge and worked as a volunteer to serve students from all around the world who came to Cambridge for summer schools. That was a fantastic summer and was destined to change his life.


Volunteer and Cambridge, 2008

After graduation in Shanghai in June 2008, Allen decided to go back to Cambridge as a volunteer instead of other “normal” options in Shanghai. In Cambridge, he enjoyed learning and growing in the multicultural team with members from over 40 countries. Cambridge provided so much learning and inspiration to Allen. He worked there until late 2009 and then went back to Shanghai, his hometown, for the next chapter.

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"We share a vision that the world is a better place if we enable more people to access international education. This can't be done without such an able and passionate team." Allen Hao

First adventure, 2011

Having returned to China, Allen shared his unique experience with alumni, and with encouragement from friends, they organized the first short course in Cambridge in 2011 winter. 29 top students from top Chinese universities (TsingHua, Peking and Fudan University, etc) joined him and went to Cambridge to learn finance and real estate. The seminar was named “CREFS Cambridge.” It was a huge success. 


Growth and moving forward, 2012-2017

The success of the program quickly drew attention and 237 students participated in 8 different courses in the summer of 2011. Allen and his team created official partnerships with 16 Chinese universities in 2012. Since then, the operation has added more locations globally and partnered with more than 60 Chinese universities. Up to 2017, this venture has created study abroad opportunities for more than 3,000 students. 

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